Carry The Love Festival

The Carry The Love Festival is a campaign about the only love that transforms, brings change, saves and heals – the love of Jesus. We see the desperate need of our generation and we must respond. That is why we are uniting across cities to empower hundreds of young people as evangelists to reach thousands with the message of Jesus.

Choose Your Region:

Los Angeles, CA.
April 3-4th
Tulsa, OK.
April 21-22nd
Newark, NJ.
April 21st
Baton Rouge, LA.
April 27th
London, Eng.
April 28-29th
Tijuana, Mex.
May 13th
Budapest, Hun.
May 26th

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Who is behind The Carry The Love Festival?

Carry the Love Festival is an initiative of the Circuit Riders. Our mission is two-fold; to reach a lost generation, and to activate them to evangelism & loving those around them. We want to see the acceleration of the gospel on universities across America and the nations.